Students Hold Oktoberfest Celebration To Raise Money

by Katie Jeffries on October 10, 2009 at 7:15 am

Even though it is Saturday, Zanesville High School is packed with kids.

Students decked out in blue and white filled the high school’s outdoor basketball courts for the ZHS Oktoberfrest.

"The whole purpose is to create funds for different activities, whether it is an athletic group or school club and you know the bottom line is we are fortunate to have people in Zanesville who are willing to get out, work for free, give our kids the opportunity to do the things they really like to do," says Scott Aronholt the Zanesville Athletic Director.

Student groups sold school apparel and food, while live music entertained the crowd.  Even several colleges sent representatives to speak with students. But this event is all about raising money for student groups.

"We would love to have, everybody would love to have an abundance of money that we could provide kids with uniforms, the top of the line gear, but you know things are so expensive we need help and parents and volunteers step up and give our kids a chance to have these quality things that other schools don’t have," tells Aronholt

Aronholt says each student group will raise around $500 dollars from the ZHS Oktoberfest.



Katie Jeffries