Survey to Help Downtown Zanesville

by Emily Baird on October 9, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Downtown Association Manager, Dana Matz, is asking downtown businesses to take part in a survey that hasn’t been conducted in 10 years.

Matz says his office is working with Muskingum University students to pass out these simple one-page surverys.

"How many employees do you have? What’s your male-female ratio? What are you hours of operation? What’s your total payroll? " says Matz.

Matz says the surveys can be mailed back, faxed, or picked up by the students.

He says his office has already surveyed downtown churches to see how many people attend services.

Matz says it’s important to keep this kind of information on file.

"The ultimate outcome of this is business recruitment and business retention of the downtown businesses, " says Matz.

Matz says after the surveys are collected and the data is pulled, his office will be able to present a sheet with our downtown area’s demographics to interested businesses and investors.