Susie’s Favorites Holds Fall Fest and Benefit

by Katie Jeffries on October 17, 2009 at 6:54 am

A local business who has helped raise money for nonprofits in the past is now raising money to fight cancer.

Susie’s Favorites Fall Fest and Benefit brought out the community for home-made food, a raffle and bluegrass music. All the proceeds benefit the Cancer Concern Coalition.

“We provide funding support for patients battling cancer, gas vouchers for transportation and we also make other stipulations for other needs that our cancer patients do need,” says Cancer Concern Coalition member Michele Hankinson.

Jill Dalton, an employee at Susie’s Favorites, was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. Dalton’s treatment is going well and she is hoping for remission. Susie’s Favorites owner, Susie Dotson, says even with the chilly weather there was a great turnout for the event.

“When you are doing all this, putting it together, you think ‘oh it is hard work’, but after you see how much people appreciate it, it is all worth it,” says Dotson.

The money raised for the Cancer Concern Coalition will benefit cancer patients in Muskingum, Morgan and Perry County. The fall fest and benefit ran today from 10 am til 5 pm.

Katie Jeffries