Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

by Emily Baird on October 27, 2009 at 5:44 am

Area kids will be transforming into ghosts and goblins by the end of this week, and well on their way to getting lots of candy that should last them the next couple of weeks.

However, the Muskingum Valley Red Cross wants to remind kids and parents about some safety tips when trick-or-treating.

"We look at parents and say you are the best defense we’ve got to help your kids, making sure what they get is safe to eat, " says Executive Director, Dan Hartman.

Hartman says parents need to look through their kids’ candy to make sure it’s packaged commercially. He says don’t let your kids eat homeade items unless you know who they came from, and Hartman says check to make sure there’s no tears in the candy wrappers.

Since we are having an early flu season this year too, Hartman says to keep kids home if they are sick, and he also says to have one preventative measure handy if you do plan on going out.

"Carry hand sanitizer with you because as you pass things back and forth, and as you get things, take the little thing and sanitizer and when in doubt, sanitize your hands again. It never hurts to be safe, " says Hartman.

Other Muskingum Valley Red Cross Safety Tips include:

-map out your trick-or-treating route

-bring a flashlight to see

-accept candy at the door and don’t go inside

-wear light-colored clothing that can be seen in the dark

-walk on sideswalks and not the street

-only visit homes with porch lights turned on

-watch out for animals in yards