***UPDATE*** Bomb Threat at Muskingum County Home

by Audry Kensicki on October 12, 2009 at 8:42 am

It was a perfect fall day for residents at the Muskingum County Home to enjoy a few hours in the sunshine, but today residents were evacuated from the building because of a bomb threat.

“A male voice basically saying that there was a bomb on the premises, that it was going to go off,” said Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz.

Lutz says the call came in around 12:20 p.m. He says the caller specified the bomb would go off at approximately 12:40.

After a call to the police, Muskingum County Home employees and fire personnel immediately started evacuating residents.

“It went pretty smooth,” said Washington Township Fire Chief Gene Hanning. “We got everyone out in a good timely fashion. We’re monitoring, taking care of the patients, making sure they’re cared for and when the building is cleared, we’ll move them back in.”

While sheriff’s deputies and fire officials checked the other buildings here on the campus of the Muskingum County Home, two bomb dogs were called in to check the main building for any possible threats.

“Every threat you take, you take seriously, as if it’s real,” said Muskingum County Home Administrator Sarah Somers. “Residents were easily and smoothly transferred according to the evacuation plan.”

Somers said the home has policies in place in case something like this should happen.

“Of course the number one concern will always be resident safety,” she said. “That’s a normal, routine and daily function. An incident like this does not change that.”

“It turned out very well here, the relationship with the Washington Fire Department and Community Ambulance was tremendous, with everyone working together,” said Lutz.

Around 3:30 p.m. the buildings were cleared with no bombs found. Residents were moved back into the building soon after.

Audry Kensicki