Vendors Fill Colony Square Mall

by Katie Jeffries on October 18, 2009 at 8:14 am

All kinds of local vendors filled the Colony Square Mall this weekend for the Mall Craft Show.

“There are lots of things, there are things here for the ladies Tupperware, Mary Kay and that type of thing and then of course for the gentleman we have the cards and the memorabilia, all that type of thing and there are some odds and ends like pottery and gifts that you can buy for Christmas or whatever so there are lots of items here for everybody,” says organizer Don Dogwiler.

Even local inventors got to show off their creations. This is Chip Clark’s first Mall Craft Show, but he says he’s gotten a lot of interest in his product, the Magne Board.

“It is a magnetic display board and it allows you to display your photos magnetically. There are also any items you would like to use with various push pins you can use it as a bulletin board, you can use it as a combination… as a photo display and a bulletin board,” says Clark.

Clark says he can customize a board to anything a person likes. To order a Magne Board click the link above. The next Mall Craft Show is November 6-8th, to reserve a spot call (740) 452-5431.

Katie Jeffries