What You Need For a Home-Made Flu Kit

by Katie Jeffries on October 16, 2009 at 6:47 am

Being prepared is more important than ever this flu season. Whether a person contracts seasonal flu or the H1N1 virus, it is a good idea to have a pre-made flu kit ready.

“It is always helpful to have things that you can keep well hydrated with and water you already have in the house, but if you would like to take drinks like Gatorade or something hydrating if that is something you would like to drink that is fine. With that, having things that are easy on your stomach because you may not feel like eating anything very spicy or exotic. So keeping maybe some canned soups around or if you would like a protien drink for example, a Boost or Ensure or something like that, that might set easy on the stomach,” tells Dr. Alissa Ackelson, the Director of Infection at the Genesis Healthcare System.

Dr. Ackelson says that these items not only help with the flu, but also the common cold which is circulating. The Ohio Department of Health says H1N1 is so wide spread that all counties most likely have cases, even if they have not been confirmed yet.

“The reason is the Ohio Department of Health for many reasons, including volume, are not testing patients for H1N1 unless they are ill enough to be hospitalized or a part of a special epidemiology study. So there are a lot of people we think have a viral illness that could be influenza we just can’t specifically test for it,” says Dr. Ackelson.

But prevention is as simple as washing your hands and getting vaccinated.

“The most important things that people need to do are get vaccinated. That is the most proactive thing you can do for both the seasonal flu and if you are in the right category to get the H1N1 and hopefully, eventually, everyone will get vaccinated for the H1N1 and that is the biggest thing you can do,” explains Dr. Ackelson.

Dr. Ackelson also recommends that people stay home if they feel sick, so they do not spread their sickness to others.

Katie Jeffries