Wilds Photo Opportunity

by Emily Baird on October 3, 2009 at 9:45 am

A group of individuals at The Wilds are trying to find that perfect picture this weekend.

They are taking part in The Wilds’ second annual Photography Camp, and Conservation Education Specialist, Denise Natoli Brooks, says thanks to the amazing response from last year’s three day camp, The Wilds was able to add an additional one this year.

"We bring photographers in fromt he region to spend an intense time in our pastures, at our mid-size Carnevor Conservation Center, our Butterfly Habitat, and pretty much anywhere we can take photos. We’re there trhoughout the entire weekend and also learn how to use all of our cameras, lenses, and features, " says Natoli Brooks.

Natoli Brooks says some of the animals are harder to get into frame than others.

"I think it’s luck of the draw. We see animals when we see them, and we’ve been lucky overall. The lighting is our biggest friend or foe, depending on our weather. So, we are kind of taking advantage of the weather and lighting to get the best shots of as many animals doing as many different things as possible, " says Natoli Brooks.

One individual took advantage of that opportunity.

"I know just today-just this afternoon in the morning session-one of our participants took 4,000 pictures. So, they have a lot of memories from this adventure, " says Natoli Brooks.

The Photography Camp is a collaboration between The Wilds and the naturally wild photo adventures company. It costs individuals about 300 dollars a piece to participate.