Zanesville Citizens May Face Rate Increase

by Emily Baird on October 26, 2009 at 10:16 am

Zanesville City Council is approving a first reading of an ordinance for the water plant project’s construction inspection and administrative services.

Zanesville Public Service Director, Mike Sims, says the initial cost was just under two million dollars, and Sims says he felt the city could come up with 1.1 million of that over the next three years.

"But after I met with the Public Service Committee and received the budget, it looks like the water revenues are down significantly from this time last year, " says Sims.

So Sims says City Council has two choices.

"It’s council’s pleasure if they want to borrow more and delay a future water increase, or borrow less and then a necessary rate increase will have to be implemented about 6 months earlier than we initially thought, " says Sims.

The rate increase Sims is suggesting is a 20 to 22 percent increase, which would cost customers about 8 dollars more on each bi-monthly bill, and Sims says this rate increase should cover the two year period of the construction of the water plant.