13 Mile Fuel Spill in Licking County

by Katie Jeffries on November 19, 2009 at 4:47 am

The Licking County Emergency Management Agency is cleaning up a 13 mile diesel fuel spill.

A waste management truck blew a fuel injector around 9:30 Thursday morning and spilled fuel down Linnville road from US 40 to Ohio 13. When the fuel hit the wet pavement, Deputy Director Steven Smith says, it made the roadway like ice.

"We had a report of a 3 vehicle accident, 2 people were transported to the hospital, I don’t know the extent of injuries," says Smith.

A Hazmat team, the Emergency Management Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency all responded to help clean up the spill.

"They put the sand down, helped the traction with vehicles, they did close the road.  The clean up crew will come in with street sweepers, sweep off the sand and then the EPA will decide how much more clean up will need to be done," says Smith.

Smith says there was some diesel fuel spilt in the city of Newark, but Linnville Road was hit the worst.


Katie Jeffries