19-year-old Hutcheson Excited to Start as Councilman

by Audry Kensicki on November 4, 2009 at 4:55 am

Today wasn’t an ordinary day at school for 19-year-old Grant Hutcheson. The Maysville senior walked into school a Zanesville City Councilman Elect.

In last night’s election, the teen edged out second ward incumbent Kevin McPeek and other opponent Darrell Smith. Hutcheson said it was hard getting people to believe he was serious.

"At first, the first two weeks a lot of people laughed at me," he said. "After the board of elections released that I was running, they started to become serious about it."

Hutcheson says he has plans for his ward and would like to see some things done in the city.

"In general, the city needs to get out there and get programs organized for the youth," Hutcheson said. "In my eyes, if you give the citizens and their families things to do, it will help reduce the crime rate. If you give them something to do, they’re not out there running around."

Hutcheson says he is very excited about his upcoming term and will take it seriously.

"My goal is to get out there and get involved and be active," he said. "I want to accomplish some things on council, just give me a chance and be willing to work with me."

Hutcheson says now as councilman elect, he will need to continue living in his ward, which will affect his college plans. Hutcheson says higher education is important to him and he will persue that in the area while working on council.