Black Friday: Happy Holiday Shopping

by Audry Kensicki on November 27, 2009 at 5:55 am

It’s traditionally the busiest time of the year and the holidays are notorious for good cheer. But does that good cheer start as early as the busiest shopping day of the year? WHIZ reporter Audry Kensicki investigates.

Shoppers lined the sidewalks early this morning just waiting for their first shot at holiday bargains.

"The early morning crowd looked a little bigger than it did last year, so that’s got us optimistic," said Kevin Pinson of the Colony Square Mall. "We’re seeing a lot of shopping bags going out the door too."

Elder Beerman Manager Annie Wolfer agreed.

"We always hope that it is as good or better than last year and we’re very pleased this year," she said. "Everybody’s been in a great mood when they’re coming out and pleased at what they find."

Shoppers not only donned hats and gloves for the wintry weather, but also a smile.

"The snow put everybody in a very good mood. We let our customers wait in the foyer and Ruby Tuesday’s served coffee," she said. "[Consumers are] still in a good mood and shopping."

It seems it’s almost impossible not to be in a good mood.

"What’s the point in being mad," said Kaila Gebhart, who started shopping at 3:30 a.m. this morning. "There’s not point. Just come out, have fun and be safe. Watch the drivers and be careful while you’re driving."

And just and just how much of a good time? Let’s just say some were truly in the holiday spirit.

Gebhart and her mother Pam Cox told us you can catch them singing "Jingle Bells" and other carols while shopping.

Nationally, consumers kicked off the shopping season with a strong turnout.

In Zanesville, organization and quick lines kept customers moving.

"It actually hasn’t been bad," said Pickerington native Kylie Keitch. "The lines haven’t been bad and they’ve been moving pretty quickly. We’re getting in and out and getting what we need and really great deals."

And if shoppers’ spirits are any sign of the economy, maybe the holiday season is just what it needs to turn around.