Boy Scouts Celebrate 100 Years

by Katie Jeffries on November 15, 2009 at 8:09 am

If you drop by the Ohio University Zanesville campus you will notice several new additions… 101 to be exact.

To celebrate the Boy Scouts 100th anniversary around 80 local Boy Scouts planted 100 trees, plus one for good luck.

"Well I think it is just pretty cool because since we are doing this is for the 100th year, we are planting a 100 trees, so I think that is pretty cool," says Joshua Lawler a Boy Scout with Troop 121.

Joshua says the activity taught them about team work and friendship, but scout leaders say the boys also learned a lot more.

"They learned right off the bat proper lifting techniques, we had an OSHA expert in to teach them lifting.  They have a tree identification sheet that was prepared by the Muskingum Valley Park District and explains all the 12 different varieties of trees," says Rob Guentter a volunteer with the Boy Scouts.

The trees were purchased through a grant from the Taylor McHenry Foundation. Boy Scouts across the nation were encouraged to plant trees in their communities, but no other group planted 100 trees. Scout leaders say they are excited to create this living monument that Boys Scouts will be able to visit for years to come.


Katie Jeffries