Deciphering the Holiday Travel Season: Part Two

by Audry Kensicki on November 25, 2009 at 5:47 am

If you still haven’t figured out where to go this holiday season, have no fear. It’s still not too late.

WHIZ reporter Audry Kensicki has the details on where you can go and still save money.

Whether it’s months, weeks, or even days before a holiday, there is still time to find a holiday destination at a decent price.

"The good news for holiday travelers is that it’s never too late to book your holiday trips," said Joanna Herncane of AAA.

Deals are just one click away.

Checkout websites like where you can find a week-long cruise in the Carribean for under $400.

Travelocity offers roundtrip flights to las vegs for $200. But, for the more family conscious a trip to see "the mouse" is a great option.

"Disney is always a top destination with children," said Herncane. "But there are a lot of resorts that you would think maybe I don’t want to take my kids there, but you might be surprised."

Or, if you want the beach without Mickey and his friends, AAA offers beach house rentals which are sure to please.

"They’re very inexpensive homes," said AAA Store Manager Rhoda Collins. "They range from $79 to $115 per night. We have those homes in Orlando, Naples and we also have some in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach."

"If you’re looking to travel with the family, maybe this winter, now is a great time to look into some of those packages and make a purchase," said Herncane.

According to Herncane, many people are opting to cut down their vacations or turn to the ever popular "staycation," making home their destination.