Deer Meat Feeds Hungry

by Emily Baird on November 23, 2009 at 6:17 am

Area food banks will soon be serving more venison to the needy.

Ohio’s hunting season begins next week. So, the Farmers and Hunters Feed the Hungry program is asking hunters to donate any meat on the deer that they won’t need.

"Each hunter is allowed to kill up to 6 deer, and if you have permits, even more. So, nobody’s going to go out and kill 6 deer because they can’t use them, but if they can donate them, I’ve had people already tell me, yeah I’ll go out and harvest a couple more deer, " says local program coordinator, Bob Daniels.

Hunters donated about 120 deer to Muskingum County last year, which produced about five thousand pounds of ground venison.

Thanks to the program, hunters don’t have to pay to process the donated meat.