Economy Impacts Us Even After Death

by Emily Baird on November 18, 2009 at 5:59 am

The economy is taking a toll on how we live life day to day, and forces many of us to make financial sacrifices both big and small.

But what about when we die?

"It definitely does pay to have life insurance, pre-planning, simply because there are no benefits publicly, state, and federal to cover funeral costs, " says Snouffer Funeral Home Owner, Josh Snouffer.

Snouffer says that can leave a burden on the family members left behind.

"One of the best way to cut costs is to plan ahead and actually write down and talk with your funeral director about the types of services you want. Plan things in advcance, " says Snouffer.

Snouffer says that way, families can compare costs between the different funeral services available and see what best fits into their budgets.