Getting a Head Start On The Holidays

by Katie Jeffries on November 20, 2009 at 3:46 am

Some local families are getting a head start on their Thanksgiving celebration.

Friday at the Coburn United Methodist Church, hundreds of parents and children in the Head Start program enjoyed a warm meal. It is all part of the Head Start programs annual Family Feast. In addition to delicious food, parents learned ways to continue their child’s education at home.

"We have certain things that children should be learning from ages 3 to 5 and what we like to do is show the parents different ways that that they can learn at home without using a lot of costly materials," says Parent Coordinator Teresa Allen.

Allen says the goal is for parents to meet and socialize with other parents and children. David Rush has a 4 year old daughter in the Head Start program and thinks the Family Feast is a great idea.

"I think they are really good for the families to get together, it helps the families to get to know the children their kids go to schools with.  It is a good function I think," says Rush.

The Head Start children also took to the stage for a presentation as proud parents snapped pictures. The Head Start program has held the Family Feast for more than 20 years.


Katie Jeffries