Ghost Hunting at Secrest Auditorium

by Ashley Drane on November 6, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Halloween might be over but you still might be able to get a good scare.

For those folks that are interested in paranormal activity Secrest Auditorium is hosting a Ghost Hunting Seminar tomorrow. the Ohio Paranormal Posse will be talking about their upcoming investigation.

"Prepared text show different experiments of what they have done in the past," John Kunkle Manager of Secrest Auditorium said.

Kunkle says after they do the seminar and show people how they contact spirits and how it all works, there will be a raffle to pick a select few people who can attend an investigation where they contact the spirits either at the Roseville Prison or an investigation at Secrest on November 21st.

" Some people might think it’s a fun thing no these people are very serious about this they are basically looking for contact," Kunkle said.

Knukle says over 100 people came to the seminar last year and think more people will come this year because people are still talking about it and are very interested in it.

"set up equipment all over the place, EVP electronic voice patterns, cameras, and they just sit and wait and sometimes they have readings and sometimes they don’t," Kunkle said.

"They had a couple EVP readings from last year which they will play again tomorrow," he said.

Kunkle says you have to look at it as a professional scientific manner. If you are interested to learn more about how the Paranormal Posse contacts spirits the seminar starts at 7 Saturday night at Secrest.