Heath Red Light Cameras Banned

by Emily Baird on November 4, 2009 at 5:34 am

The residents of Heath have spoken and their votes are banning red light cameras throughout the city.

Heath resident and business owner Duane Goodwin initially petitioned the red light cameras back in July and gathered signatures to get the issue on the November ballot.

He says he is very happy with the result.

"It was a lot tighter race than we actually thought it would be, but we were up against quite significant odds when you think the mayor, City Council, the local newspaper, the radio stations, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican Party-they were all backing the mayor and the cameras, " says Goodwin.

Goodwin says the way the city went about putting up the red light cameras was wrong. He says the red light cameras took away residents’ freedoms, hurt businesses, and divided a town.

Yet, a lot of people we spoke with say they are just happy the issue is resolved.

Debbie Linton lives just outside of the city of Heath and says she remained neutral on the issue but understood the positive aspects of the red light cameras.

"I can see the safety issues. I have two young children that are drivers, and i can see the benefits of the safety. The people of the city of Heath, the cars weren’t flying up and down the side of the road, " says Linton.

WHIZ tried to speak with Mayor Richard Waugh to get his reaction to last night’s results, but he declined to speak with us.

Waugh also lost the Heath mayoral race last night to Mark Johns by a little more than one hundred votes.