It’s Time to Renew those Dog Licenses

by Ashley Drane on November 30, 2009 at 4:04 am

Another big sale starts tomorrow but this one is for your pooch.

Dog licenses will go on sale Tuesday for just ten dollars.

"By law all dogs over three months of age are required we just want to remind people that this is has started and they have until Jan. 31st to purchase their dog license," Adams expained.

Muskingum County Auditor Anita Adams says it’s so important to get your dogs licenses renewed.

"Most importantly it’s kinda a lost dog ticket home if someone finds a dog with a tag or license then we can quickly trace his owner and get him reunited with his family," Adams said.

You can buy your doggie license at various places in the county including the auditors office or at the animal shelter or dog pound. And this year the auditor’s office is making it even easier. You can go to the website on the bottom of your screen to purchase the license online and then it’ll be mailed directly to your home.

Ohio law says you should have your pet’s license renewed by Jan 31st. If not the license fee doubles. After that you could even be fined.

Adams says it could be your Christmas present for your dog. And to promote the sale of dog licenses the Muskingum County Dog Pound brought in a puppy and says anyone who adopts this lab mix in photos will receive the number one dog license in Muskingum County. The pup is male about eight months old, good with kids, and house broken. And of course be a proud owner of a puppy. Adams wants to remind people if they are looking to get a family pet for Christmas check out the shelters and pounds.