Local Communities Honoring Veterans

by Ashley Drane on November 11, 2009 at 12:25 pm

Local communities are celebrating, honoring, and treating all our veterans today.

Summerville at north hills assisted living held a breakfast to honor those who served in the military.
The breakfast was for all veterans their families and anyone in the community who wanted to honor the vets.
John Reed an Air Force Veteran enjoyed reminiscing with his fellow soldiers.

"It’s something that i think that you don’t realize you went through but it’s good to know that we’re celebrating something that’s worth while as we serve our country," Reed said.

A 29 year Army Veteran Mickey Ivanovitch says even though many men were off serving our county the families are the real heroes.

"They had to put up with it especially in my situation. It was on the TV news every night at 6 o’clock when they’re eating supper we were over in Vietnam and they didn’t know what was going on i think they are the real heroes," Ivanovitch said.

Ivanotich says he came to honor the soldiers that fought in World War II. He said they made the backbone for this country.