Local Man Uses Decorations To Spread Christmas Cheer

by Katie Jeffries on November 29, 2009 at 9:49 am

Christmas lights and decorations are popping up on houses throughout the community. But some people go above and beyond with their decorations. WHIZ’s Katie Jeffries visited one house that has become a well-known attraction in Zanesville.

People driving down Chandlersville Road can’t help but stare at the amount of elaborate decorations in Thurman Drake’s yard. For nearly 23 years he has put up a large Christmas display and hand made all the pieces.

"Usually it takes about a week to make the basic thing, but then you got to paint it and put the lights on it and get it ready.  So it takes a couple weeks all together," says Drake.

He says he has worked with electric his whole life and adds new pieces to the collection every year.

"I made dinosaurs this year so the dinosaurs with the little guys is great stuff," tells Drake.

He says the display only costs about $300 extra on his electric bill. Around 250 people a day drive through to view his display and he says does it every year for the children who come with their parents to enjoy it. Families can stay warm in their cars as they pass through his circle drive way or they can get out and take picture with the decorations. While most leave with big smiles, he says the decorations can move some to tears.

"Some you would be surprised, one lady comes she always cries and big tears will just roll down," tells Drake.

Drake says he charges no admission, he just wants to spread Christmas cheer the best way he knows how.

The display will stay up until Christmas day. The lights come on at 5:30 pm and turn off at 11:00 pm.



Katie Jeffries