Local Voters on Issue 3

by Ashley Drane on November 3, 2009 at 1:30 am

You probably haven’t turned on your TV this campaign season and not seen a commercial about the gambling issue.

Today voters in Ohio are deciding whether or not we’ll see casinos in our state.
If the Constitutional Amendment passes it’ll allow casinos in the state’s four
largest cities — Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo.

Today we spoke with some local folks to see where they stand.

Casino supporters say the casinos will create almost 40,000 full-time and temporary jobs..

"I voted yes for issue 3 because i think it’ll create more jobs for Ohio and put people back to work and keep the tax money here in Ohio instead of states like west Virginia and Indiana and other boarding states," Ohio Voter Steve Coyle said.

Other’s rejected issue three for different reasons.

Dale McCalister
Ohio Voter
"Well I’m just across the board biblically opposed to gambling of any kind, it destroys families.." Ohio Voter Dale McCalister said.

" How did you vote on Issue 3? I votes no. and why did you vote no? because i don’t want gambling in Ohio," Ohio Voter Gerald Marshall said.

Ohio has seen the gambling issue four other times and so far they’ve all been rejected. We’ll have all the results tonight at 11:00.