Major Deals at Local Mall

by Emily Baird on November 10, 2009 at 7:02 am

Shoppers are definitely reaping the benefits of a struggling economy this year.

If you head out to Zanesville’s Colony Square Mall, you can find discount after discount to help you save a little…or a lot on your holiday shopping this season.

"A lot of retailers are getting the good deals out there early. With the state of the economy, a lot of people are wondering…are people going to hold back on their shopping budget this year? So, they want to try to get those first dollars, " says Mall Marketing Manager, Kevi Pinson.

Pinson says stores are already collecting some of those dollars.

"I’m seeing a lot of shopping bags a little bit earlier than you typically do. So, we’re hopeful. We’re optimistic, " says Pinson.

Pinson says while some of these discounts and sales are topping those on the well-known "Black Friday," he says shoppers can still expect to cash in on good deals from now through the end of December.