Man Kills Wife and Son, Then Himself

by Katie Jeffries on November 6, 2009 at 6:56 am

Pataskala Police are saying a man killed his wife and son, before turning the gun on himself. The bodies of John Eckard, Nicole Eckard and their son, Nicholas, were found yesterday morning in their home. The bodies were discovered after William Beer, a business associate, received an alarming letter from Eckard and called 911.

911 Call Excerpt:

911 Dispatcher: 911 what is your emergency?

Beer: Uh.. yea.. uh, I am not sure, I got a letter from somebody that I work with and it says, "please don’t open this til 11" and then it says "we are no longer in this world" him and his wife and 11 year-old son.

911 Dispatcher: Ok

Beer: it seems pretty serious


Beer says John Eckard was ill and that the family lived beyond its means.  The Pataskala Police Chief says John Eckard was found dead in the living room and the others were in their bedrooms.


Katie Jeffries