Mayor Says City Is In The Red

by Katie Jeffries on November 23, 2009 at 10:01 am

At the Zanesville City Council meeting Mayor Howard Zwelling announced the city has a one million dollar budget shortfall.

With income tax collection down the city will need to tighten its belt and cut some corners. To do that he is creating a special committee.

"We are putting together a committee and that will be Mike Sims, Bob Branford, Dale Rains and myself. We are going to meet twice a week and review all purchase requisitions," says Mayor Zwelling. 

Mayor Zwelling has asked each department to only request funds for absolute necessities and many will be turned down. He says Zanesville has a budget of $52 million, but it is currently short by one million dollars for the first time in Zwelling’s time as mayor.

"I have not been faced with this problem in the four previous years as mayor and so my goal has always been not to lay anybody off and I am going to try real hard to stick with that goal, but we might have to make some sacrifices in order to get there," says Mayor Zwelling.

In other city council news, the ordinance authorizing the city to advertise for bids for the installation of transient docks at Zane Landing Park will move on to its third reading at the next meeting. Also, an ordinance authorizing the city to advertise for bids for providing portable toilets in various city parks passed.


Katie Jeffries