More Illegal Burns

by Emily Baird on November 10, 2009 at 6:53 am

Burning your trash or leaves within the city of Zanesville is illegal, unless you have a permit, but fire chief Dave Lacy says his department has had to go out on a number of illegal burns.

"I think there’s a bigger problem out in the county with them. You know, I hear on the county radio frequency a lot of responses being made to illegal burns, " says Lacy.

Lacy also says if you live within a mile of a municipality, you’re not allowed to burn things, and he says the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the EPA also have rules on burning out in the country.

Lacy says he has two main concerns when it comes to illegal burns: the smoke emitted from the fires becomes a nuissance in the community and the fire can spread.

"People get into situations where they think they’re doing right and cleaning up their property or whatever. Then the wind picks up, and the next thing you know, we have a big area on fire that wasn’t intended. Sometimes it can go into structures, fences, and things like that and cause a lot of damage, "says Lacy.

Lacy says the fire department doesn’t want to be the "bad guy." He says it just wants to keep burnings from becoming hazardous.