Motorcyclists For Kids Has Record Turnout

by Katie Jeffries on November 7, 2009 at 8:39 am

Hundreds of Harleys roared through Zanesville in support of the Salvation Army.

The 13th annual "Motorcyclists For Kids" raised money and toys to kick off the Salvation Army’s Christmas campaign.

"It is an event that brings the bikers in from all around the area of Zanesville and surrounding communities to help the underprivileged children of Perry, Morgan and Muskingum counties through the Salvation Army," tells Michael McGuire an Elder for Bikers For Christ.

All the bikers paid $10 or donated a toy to participate. At 3:15 PM sharp and with a police escort, all the bikers traveled from Colony Square Mall to the Salvation Army.

"It is a great turnout, this is probably our largest turnout ever.  We thought the bike count was around 350, but we had over 400 that showed up and registered for the event today," says McGuire.

The Salvation Army provided free food and drinks for all the participants. The event made well over $5,000 for the Salvation Army.


Katie Jeffries