Nelson T. Gant Foundation Holds Annual Chili Fest

by Katie Jeffries on November 7, 2009 at 6:14 am

Members of the Nelson T. Gant Foundation were cooking up something special for the community today.

This is the 4th year for their Annual Chili Fest and the Gant House was packed with chili fans.

"We had a wonderful turnout, the mayor is inside and so are quite a few of the city council people are here today," tells Connie Norman the Vice President of the Gant House.

And Mayor Howard Zwelling is a big fan of the chili.

"The chili is out of this world, as a matter of fact, I have got 3 orders waiting for me to go, and I had chili here so I would recommend that people not miss this in the future," says Mayor Zwelling.

Organizers say they are hoping to raise around $4,000. All the proceeds go to pay for the operating costs of the Gant Foundation. If you would like to donate to the Nelson t. Gant House, send donations to the address below:

1845 West Main St.

Zanesville, OH 43701



Katie Jeffries