New Addition to Courthouse Lawn

by Audry Kensicki on November 11, 2009 at 5:11 am

There is a new addition to the lawn in front of the Muskingum County Courthouse.

As a part of the Veteran’s Day celebrations, veterans and their families gathered to dedicate a bench to honor those who have served and are serving as a member of the military.

"We’re here to dedicate this for veterans and for the Ohio Flag Unit, the 17th Infantry Regiment, Buffalo," said Retired Master Sergeant Robert Northcut. "This is for all veterans past and present. This is the 11th day, 11th hour, and the 11th month to show recognition of all veterans past and present."

Northcut says the bench honors all veterans, but specifically the Ohio Flag Unit’s 17th Infantry Regiment.

"It’s a well-distinguished [regiment]," said Northcut. "They are serving in Afghanistan now. They have lost a lot of troops recently."

Northcut says the regiment is one of the oldest and most decorated divisions within the army.

You can find the new monument next to the World War II helmet monument on the east side of the courthouse.