Organ Donation Celebrates The Gift of Life

by Katie Jeffries on November 18, 2009 at 10:14 am

While many are still trying to find the perfect gift for this holiday season, others are giving the gift of life.

Around 50 organ donors and organ recipients gathered Wednesday night at Good Samaritan Hospital for the 2nd annual "Hope For The Holidays". The event is put on by both Genesis and Lifeline Of Ohio. People were invited to make ornaments honoring those who donated their organs. The ornaments will hang on "Trees of Life" in Good Samaritan and Bethesda Hospitals.

Suzy Krossin received a liver transplant in April, but sadly lost her husband, a Deputy Sheriff from Perry County last year. He was a tissue donor and saved potentially 50 lives.

"As hard as it is to let your loved one go, there some contentment in your soul to know that somebody else is able to live, to move, to play with their children and that my loved one gave them that," says Krossin.

Krossin says donating your organs is the easiest way to change someone else’s life. Anne Hoffer received two kidney transplants and was awarded the Golden Ambassador Award on behalf of Lifeline of Ohio.

"She provides pizza when we do education here in the hospital, she’s got an email address at the end that promotes it to everyone she talks too and she’s spoken to the media and to community groups and so many things that we think she is such a great advocate that we wanted to honor her and thank her for that," says Kathy Warhola the Regional Representative for Lifeline of Ohio.

Hoffer says she often finds that people who are not organ donors, don’t understand the amount of need. Currently there are more than 104,000 people on the waiting list.

"One of their biggest fears is that they will take them before they don’t need them anymore and that is so not true and I have tried to tell people you don’t need them when your gone so you might as well donate them and help save someone else’s life," says Hoffer.

You don’t have to wait til you renew your driver’s license to become a donor, you can sign up by clicking the link above.




Katie Jeffries