Philo Electrics Team Up With AEP For New Stadium

by Ashley Drane on November 4, 2009 at 12:39 pm

The Philo Electrics might be seeing a new football stadium as early as next season and American Electric Power is playing a big part.

Today AEP donated $100,000  to fun the stadium renovation project. Bill Trout Chairman of the Board of Hatfield Stadium says they asked the American Electric Power Company Foundation for assistance.

"Really a great thing it’s going to be a major help to us,"Bill Trout said.

The money donated will go to new bleachers, press box ,and improving the lighting on the field.

"We hope that the school board will make approval so we can go ahead with the demolition of the bleachers before the end of this year so we can have new bleachers in fall that’s our goal for the first football game," Trout said.

Trout says they have to get the approval to go ahead with the construction from the board who will meet in about three weeks. He says the school is very excited. Trout says AEP has been a part of this community and their high school since day one and given them a lot of financial assistance throughout the years. That’ why the call themselves the Philo Electrics.