Rambo Asking for Seasonal Flu Vaccines

by Emily Baird on November 9, 2009 at 6:30 am

The Rambo Memorial Health Center is looking for some additional seasonal flu vaccines, and it is asking local healthcare providers for help.

"If there’s any private physicians’ offices that have an overabundance of vaccine, if they could donate that to rambo, that would help just to get the vaccine in a clinic setting, " says Rambo Memorial Health Center Executive Director, Crystal Bebout.

Bebout says most manufacturers won’t be producing anymore of the seasonal flu vaccine

"They have to shut down the production of the whole seasonal vaccine to do the H1N1 vaccines. So, that was planned early on in the summer, even though they thought they had additional vaccine available with the seasonal. So many people wanted the seasonal flu vaccine this year that they ran short, " says Bebout.

She also says the distributors Rambo Memorial Health Center uses to get its supplies has ordered more of the seasonal flu vaccine but hasn’t gotten anything yet.

Bebout says there’s still many people in the community who need their seasonal flu vaccines.

In addition to holding two seasonal flu vaccine clinics this week, which will service 200 people each, Rambo Memorial Health Center also has 300 names on its waiting list, hoping to get the vaccine.