Red Kettles Are Back

by Emily Baird on November 16, 2009 at 6:05 am

The Salvation Army’s red kettles are back for the holidays.

Captain Diane Campbell says there’s a small number of them out now, but that will grow and spread to some of the area’s bigger locations after Black Friday.

She says the warm weather has been nice for volunteers so far, but they will be out even when more winter-like conditions arrive.

"We’re still out there, and we’re shaking the bell. That gives us the incentive, but I think the need too, as it increases. That is what helps spur us on as well, " says Campbell.

Campbell says she understands people are strapped for cash this year but anything they can spare would be appreciated.

"A little goes a long way. So, any help that they want to give, we’re going to make sure they get that, " says Campbell.

The Salvation Army is expecting to serve 12 to 13 hundred families this Christmas with food and toys.