Spielman Helps New Lexington Woman’s Cancer Battle

by Emily Baird on November 21, 2009 at 7:04 am

A New Lexington woman, who was diagnosed with cervical and ovarian cancer back in 2000, says she is saddened by the loss of 42-year-old Stefanie Spielman.

Spielman was an advocate for breast cancer and lost her battle with it on Thursday.

"She was an angel, an inspiration to everybody whether it be breast cancer or any kind of cancer. She was very inspirational. She was a wonderful lady, and she will be greatly missed, " says New Lexington resident Lisa Fox.

Fox met Spielman back in June 2001, when she was receiving her first cancer treatments.

"I was scared and she walked up to me and told me everything’s going to be ok. She touched my hand, touched my shoulder, and she just told me if you want me to, I will go in with you, " says Fox.

Fox says Spielman gave her hope, which is what cancer patients need most.

She is currently in remission.