Surveillance Video Reveals Road Rage Incident

by Katie Jeffries on November 6, 2009 at 6:51 am

A new surveillance video is raising questions about what really happened during a road rage incident on October 27th in Licking County.

Gloria Malaby, the wife of Wyatt Malaby of Zanesville, told WHIZ News last Sunday how her husband was beaten with a tire iron by another driver after he pulled into Flying J’s truck stop in Kirkersville.   She said he was beaten due to a case of road rage. The other man in the video is "Carl" of New Lexington. His last name is not being released. Detective Greg Collins says he came forward after seeing the story on the news and says he acted in self defense.

The Licking County Sheriff’s office released surveillance video from Flying J’s and says it shows Malaby was the man who got out of the car with the tire iron in his hand.

"Wyatt who was the driver in the first vehicle who was originally our victim, he is the one that exits his vehicle holding the tire iron, there was some words exchanged between the two, our alleged victim at the time said he felt threatened and that is when he (Carl) struck Wyatt one time in the face with his hand and then that is when it knocked Wyatt out," tells Det. Collins.

Carl told Detective Collins he has a metal plate in his head and was afraid Malaby was going to hurt him. Detective Collins says the blow to Malaby’s head left him with no memory of the incident.

Detective Collins says they will present the new evidence to the Licking County Prosecutor and he will decide if there will be any charges in this case. We attempted to call Gloria Malaby, but our phone calls were not returned.



Katie Jeffries