Thanksgiving Leftovers?

by Audry Kensicki on November 27, 2009 at 5:40 am

Turkey, mashed potatoes and vegetables–all key elements to any Thanksgiving, but what can you do to keep from eating the same food over and over?

"Just have some fun," said Chef Bill Bird of Zandex. "One of the favorite things is to look in the refidgerator and see what you’ve got and do some combinations."

Chef Bird said you just need to be a little creative.

"You can make a turkey pot pie," he said. "You’ve got the gravy, it makes an ideal thing. Get a tube of biscuits at the store, mix the gravy, vegetables, turkey, put that in a casserole, lay the biscuits across the top."

If you’re not a pot pie fan, you can throw together a quick turkey salad.

"Add some cranberries, celery, mayo and you’ve got a great turkey salad," said Bird.

Lots of mashed potatoes and nothing to do with them? Have no fear.

"You add some cheese, bacon, maybe add an egg to hold it together and make a potato pancake," he said. "You can make some really nice ones."

And for those who like a simple dish…

"There’s nothing better than good old white bread, a piece af lettuce, some miracle whip and some turkey on it," said Bird.

And don’t think Chef Bird forgot about everyone’s favorite dessert.

"You can take leftover pumpkin pie, soften vanilla ice cream, crumble it up, and make pumpkin track ice cream, like moose tracks, but make it with pumpkin," he said.

Chef Bird said there are plenty of ideas within your own kitchen, but if you’re out of ideas he says there are plenty online.

Bird recommends being aware of your food’s expiration dates:

*Turkey will last about 2 days.

*Vegetables and desserts will last 4 to 5 days. 

*Any stuffing with meat in it will only last one extra day.

Keeping your leftovers fresh and stored in small, tight containers will lessen your chances of food poisoning, allowing you to get in all your Christmas shopping.