***UPDATE*** New Bakery Workers Boycott Wendy’s

by Katie Jeffries on November 20, 2009 at 5:47 am

If you drove past a Wendy’s restaurant in Zanesville today, you probably saw a group of people picketing the restaurant.

The Bakery Workers Local Number 57 union from the New Bakery plant in Zanesville says it is boycotting Wendy’s restaurants because Wendy’s buys its buns from the New Bakery and New Bakery is owned by Wendy’s International. The bakery workers union is currently in negotiations with the New Bakery for a new contract.

"Basically we are here to fight corporate greed, that’s basically what that is, what we are after, we just really want to settle with a fair contract," says Brad Dudley who has worked at New Bakery for 10 years.

A flyer being passed out by the union workers says,"Wendy’s is being unfair to the employees who bake the buns for its restaurants by refusing to negotiate a fair contract with these workers."

Tim Thompson, the owner of the five Zanesville Wendy’s restaurants, says he does not understand why his stores are being picketed and there is nothing he can do that will effect their cause.

"The five Wendy’s in Zanesville which are franchised owned have no impact on the contracts that New Bakery are going through right now. In fact I had no idea there were even contract negotiations until we had individuals show up at our store. Our only relationship with New Bakery is that we purchase buns from them," says Thompson.

Thompson says he will continue to buy buns at the New Bakery and that the bakery plant is an important part of the Zanesville community.


Katie Jeffries