Warm Christmas Shopping

by Emily Baird on November 15, 2009 at 5:33 am

While we’re starting the countdown to Christmas, the weather is making it feel more like the end of summer.

Some Zanesville residents say it’s hard to even think about the holidays with temperatures in the upper 60’s.

"It’s a little weird, just because with November, you think it would be getting cold and gearing up for the holidays, " says Zanesville resident Karen Lowe.

"Actually, when we pulled up to the mall, I really wasn’t thinking Christmas until we walked in and saw all the decorations. It’s putting us in the mood, really making us want to shop and get the presents, " says Zanesville resident Wendy Lawson.

Lawson says she needs some white flakes soon though.

"Warm weather is kind of nice, but no, I’m ready for the snow. Bring it on, " says Lawson.

On the other hand, Lowe says she wants the warm weather to last a little bit longer, but as long as it does, she says she won’t be able to focus on her shopping.

"I’m putting it off definitely. Probably waiting until Thanksgiving, and then getting geared up for Christmas after that, " says Lowe.

Just a reminder, there’s only 40 shopping days left until Christmas.