ZAAP’s November Featured Artist

by Katie Jeffries on November 4, 2009 at 9:48 am

Get your walking shoes ready… this Friday is the second to last ZAAP Art Walk of the year.

The featured artist this month is John Taylor-Lehman. His main focus is sculpture and likes to use scrap to make his works of art. His series on display is titled "Old to New".

"I have taken old barn siding and found objects and transformed them into pieces of art," says Taylor-Lehman.

He says his favorite pieces are the shrines to the automobile which he made with car parts he found by the road. He was also inspired by a tire tread left near the road to make sculpted fish. He says art is important to many people because it is a creative outlet.

"So it is an opportunity for people to express themselves and I think in Zanesville, to see other people’s ideas and expressions is important," tells Taylor-Lehman.

The ZAAP Art Walk will begins at 6 PM at the gallery at 625 Main Street this Friday. The gallery will have food, drinks and live music. Taylor-Lehman says there will be 13 galleries participating in the art walk.


Katie Jeffries