Zanesville City Residents May See Rate Increase

by Audry Kensicki on November 2, 2009 at 5:54 am

Zanesville city residents may see an increase in their water bill by March of next year.

Today the Ways and Means Committee discussed options to help fund a $1.9 million engineering inspection cost for the new water plant.

"The issue that came up was whether to borrow more in order to delay a rate increase, where more interest would be paid by the city or borrow less, which would make the rate increase sooner," said Public Service Director Mike Sims.

The committee recommends two approximately 11-percent increases with the first to start as early as January of 2010. That increase would add about $4.20 per billing cycle.

"That way we’re bringing the revenues in slowly and steadily to help compensate for the actual work that’s being done and have some done ahead to make those payments," he said. "Otherwise we’re just paying unnecessary interest to the bank."

Sims says a second increase would start sometime in the late summer or early fall of that same year. He says that increase is unknown at this time, but would be somewhere around another 11-percent increase.