Zanesville Mayor Reacts to Heath Red Light Camera Results

by Emily Baird on November 4, 2009 at 5:36 am

Zanesville Mayor, Howard Zwelling, says the red light cameras in Heath might have been well-intended by the city, but it turned into something very controversial.

He says residents may have felt differently about the issue if the city had gone about things another way.

"If they would have made the public aware, had an opportunity for a public hearing, announced exactly where the cameras were-the location of the cameras in advance, and maybe getting three or four tickets before you realize you’ve had one violation, " says Zwelling.

Zwelling says the city of Zanesville is still considering red light cameras as a safety option, especially when it comes to school zones.

"We are oriented, myself included, where we see a yellow light and we speed up to get through before it turns red. We’re supposed to slow down and stop. Yellow means caution, " says Zwelling.

City officials are still gathering more information and discussing the issue in a traffic committee.

In addition to Heath, the city of Chillicothe-located in Ross County-also voted to ban red light cameras.