ZFD Cooks Up Thanksgiving Dinner

by Audry Kensicki on November 26, 2009 at 5:14 am

While some of Zanesville’s bravest weren’t able to spend time in their own kitchens today, they were able to cook a feast in the fire department’s.

Luckily the Zanesville Fire Department will still be able to share Thanksgiving with their family.

"We have dinner around 6 p.m.," said Bill Ehrick of the Zanesville Fire Department. "We’re going to have our families come in.
There will be about 40 of us. We’ll have some turkey and ham and play a little basketball. It’s good camaraderie."

The firefighters are cooking quite the meal. They will serve up turkey, ham, several types of potatoes, pie, and homemade noodles.

"We made them yesterday, actually," said Ehrick. "We rolled them out and sliced them up and they take a while to cook, but they’ll be good"

Firefighters have a reputation of being great cooks, and Ehrick says the best cook is Jeff Jadwin who works at the station and the Emergency Managament Agency.

"I’ll just say he’s a good cook because he spices it up," said Ehrick. "He makes a big variety out of everything. He’s just a good cook."

Ehrick said if they are called out on a run, they will stop cooking and attend the fire. But, until that happens, they’re busy in the kitchen.