4-Year-Old Saves Family’s Lives from Fire

by Emily Baird on December 7, 2009 at 6:23 am

The Zanesville Fire Department is praising the efforts of a four-year-old boy who it says saved the lives of his parents and himself.

Crews were called into battle a fire just before four a.m. at 742 Westbourne Avenue.

"The house did not have a working smoke detector, and actually, the adults in the house were awakened by a four-year-old who reported to them that he smelled burnt toast in the upstairs, " says Fire Chief, Dave Lacy.

The father proceeded to look around the home, when he spotted flames in an upstairs bedroom and the attic.

Lacy says the fire was put out fairly quickly and caused about 20 thousand dollars in damage, but he says it could have been a lot worse.

"This could have been an extremely bad fire. It was just getting into the stages that it was starting to build, probably an influx of air or oxygen into that fire allowed it to build. It would have just continued, and being it was in the attice and there was a lot of insulation up there, we could have essentially had the roof burn off the house. It could have entered down into the living area and could have created enough smoke that we might have lost people, " says Lacy.

Lacy blames electrical wiring in the attic as the cause of the blaze.