Blue Avenue Shooting Update

by Katie Jeffries on December 21, 2009 at 5:17 am

A Zanesville man is dead after a shooting on Blue Avenue.

The Zanesville Police Department says they were called to 1117 Blue Avenue just before 11:00 PM last night.

"A female who lives at that residence came home and found that her son had been shot and killed," says Detective Sergeant Ric Rousch with the Zanesville Police Department.

The victim is 25-year-old Brandon Smith. Detective Rousch says Smith lived at the home with his mother and was shot inside the house. The police department is releasing few details at this time, but neighbors say they have seen a lot of people coming and going from the home.

" I just, you know, I heard, I thought it was like a fight or something like the past few days, you know, I have seen a lot of cars," says an anonymous neighbor.

Police say they are still investigating the murder.

"we have no definite suspects at this time so we are asking if the public has any information on this case, any possible suspects, suspicious vehicles or anything like that we would ask them to contact the police department," says Det. Sgt. Ric Rousch.

If you have any information on the murder of Brandon Smith call the Zanesville Police Department at the anonymous tip line (740) 455-0712.



Katie Jeffries