C-Day for Jaycees

by Katie Jeffries on December 12, 2009 at 4:48 am

The Zanesville Jaycees and Z-92 banded together Saturday for the Jaycee’s annual C-day.

During C-Day the Jaycees and volunteers will pick up donations of canned goods, clothes, toys and even furniture throughout the area and donate it to the Salvation Army. Z-92’s Alan Tangey put the word out over the radio that the Jaycees were taking donations.

The name C-day comes from when the Jaycees used to leave out canisters for donations. The Jaycees are hoping to receive around 40 phone calls for donations Saturday. Last year they only received 15.

"We saw last year a little bit less, it was a little bit slower last year.  I am sure the economy has an effect on that, but so far today we have had several calls so we are hoping this is going to be a better year," says Mike Bryan, a member of the Jaycees.

Bryan says he believes an event like this can only be pulled off in a tight knit community.

"Because everyone seems to take the time for example, our volunteers that we have here today and our drivers picking up things, I think that is difficult to see it working in any other town," says Bryan.

The Jaycees met their goal this year and had more than 40 calls for donations.


Katie Jeffries