Children Excited For First Snow

by Katie Jeffries on December 19, 2009 at 7:34 am

The first snowfall may have caused headaches for drivers, but it was a dream come true for children.

The inches of fresh snow Saturday morning gave children a reason to break out their snow boots and sleds for the first time this year.  At Putnam Hill Park, children and their families played in what feels like a winter wonderland.

"We see a lot of people coming up here sledding and bringing their animals out and enjoying the snow," says Adam Gaiters as he and his family played in the snow.

People say they are shocked by the amount of snow we had, especially since it is our first snow of the season.

"Yesterday it was just started a little bit and wake up this morning and we’re buried in it," tells Gaiters.

Brittany Trotter just moved up here from Florida and is trying to get used to the cold and snow and says she can’t believe how fast it accumulated.

"Wow it was a lot of snow for the little bit we had last night ," says Trotter.

But for kids, that little bit of snow is all they needed to do some of their favorite things.

"You get to sled in it and it just fun and beautiful," says Amiyah Capunay.

"Make snow balls!" tells Jesse Nelson.

Even adults could let loose their inner child.

"Burying my kids in it," laughs Gaiters,"Having snow ball fights with my son. It is really awesome."

So be on the lookout from now on for snowmen, snow angels and, of course, sledders.