Christ’s Table 13th Annual Give Away

by Ashley Drane on December 21, 2009 at 1:32 am

People from the Marysville area are making their way to Zanesville to help the less fortunate at Christmas time.

Pastor Rob Jackson has been collecting donations from his church. Today they packed them up and brought them here to christ table for their annual Christmas Giveaway.

"We’re here to share. Our church families have been bringing gifts and coats that we have been gathering all year," Pastor Rob Jackson said.

Pastor Jackson said the director Gretchen Sayre reached out to his church because she was looking for resources outside of Zanesville. So they formed a partnership and have been helping Christ’s Table for 13 years.
Christ’s Table gave out coats, gloves, socks, shoes, toys, and much more today. And Jackson says it’s not just about giving, but about the interaction; showing people that we love and care about them.

"Originally we wondered with the way the economy is if we would have as many things donated but it turns out that alot of families were very generous they understood that where is alot of need out there," Pastor Jackson said.

Santa himself passed out toys to the kids until the slays empty.
And he says alot of the volunteers this year have been the youth.
Sayre says it’s nice that the younger kids understand the need and want to help out the less fortunate.
Christ’s Table still does their Christmas meal on Christmas day.

"We feel alot of the other agencies close on Christmas but we eat on Christmas day and our guests need to eat on Christmas day also," Gretchen Sayre said.

Anyone can go to Christ’s Table and eat Dec. 25th from 10:30 until 12:30.