Concerns About Home Certification

by Kelly Mills on December 3, 2009 at 4:41 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners are telling loved ones of people in the County Home they will give them time to make adjustments if the home is medicaid certified.

Tara West met with the commissioners Thursday, because she has concerns about what will happen with her mother who is a resident of the County Home if there are changes to the way it is funded.

"They’re just trying to prepare as to what’s going to take place once we do become certified and what the procedures are and how they have to address those questions," says Jerry Lavy, Muskingum County Commissioner.

Lavy says the home has received its certificate of need and is currently waiting for a state evaluation of the facility. If the home is medicaid certified there would be changes.

"If we do receive this certification from the state of Ohio then some of our residents may be eligible for Medicaid and if they do then there’s going to be still a portion that privately may still have to pay for those residents that are not eligible for Medicaid, so it may be operated somewhat similar to that of a private facility," he says.

The commissioners say they will notify guardians of residents before the changes are implemented in time to allow them to get qualified for medicaid or make decisions about future care.