Crunch Time for Zanesville City Council

by Audry Kensicki on December 21, 2009 at 9:57 am

It’s crunch time for Zanesville’s City Council.

Council ordered a special budget work session held this evening to figure out just how to plug a $2.6 million hole in the 2010 budget.

"It’s kind of a frustrating night, I think, for everyone involved," said City Council Member at Large Dan Vincent. "We’re looking at how we’re going to make up money that we don’t have for projections for next year. We’re looking at furloughs and no one wants that. We have to get something though. We have to get at least a temporary budget in place."

A temporary budget must be in place by next Monday’s meeting and a final budget by March.

Vincent says council broke down the budget to look at different angles. He says certain areas such as overtime will be looked at critically, especially within the fire department. And although Vincent says some overtime is necessary, it needs to be better managed in the future.

"We’ve had faith in the past, and that’s catching up to us," he said. "That’s council’s responsibility and we will be looking at that closer. We had faith before, but we need to look at that closer next year."

Proposed cuts for the 2010 budget include:

– furloughs

-increasing sanitation funds for a self-sufficient sanitation system

-making municipal court self-sufficient

-reducing subsidies and raising recreation fees

-cutting overtime across the board and some proposed layoffs, including eliminating the Building Maintenance Department.